Thermal Insulation: 6 reasons to invest

The Thermal Insulation in a building is made by placing thermal insulating plates on the outside of its vertical walls. Each building has different parameters that need to be taken into account for the implementation of successful Thermal Insulation. It is the alternative application of conventional insulation (double masonry insulation and concrete insulation)

It is an insulation and renovation solution for the old buildings providing spectacular thermal effects, saving of useful space, architectural freedom and durability. It ensures a 45-60% consumption reduction for heating or air conditioning as the indoor temperature is kept stable for a longer period. Eliminates thermal bridges (points where the thermal insulating material is interrupted) at the contact points of the beams and the wall panels


Read below the benefits of Thermal Insulation.

Energy saving

With the external Thermal Insulation, we reduce dramatically the heating and cooling costs (up to 50%) In new construction in relation to conventional insulation while energy saving can reach 100% in old construction. The masonry of the building “quietest” considerably from the external temperatures, resulting in a comfortable and pleasant environment inside the house.

Saving money

A properly insulated building protects you from excessive fuel and electrical invoices increases. The heating and cooling systems of the building work less time for the desired result and maintain it for longer (eliminating temperature losses). The cost of applying Thermal Insulation has been estimated to be depreciated in four to five years. There is also the possibility of applying the Thermal Insulation to the program “Saving at Home”, with significant exemptions in terms of cost of implementation (up to 70% subsidy).

Durability in time

The properly applied Thermal Insulation in combination with the selection of appropriate materials allows the owner to enjoy its advantages for many years without problems.

 Aesthetic upgrade of the building’s appearance

The external Thermal Insulation gives the owner or engineers the architectural freedom to choose the hue of his desire (without the need for painting), the particle analysis of the finished material (plaster etc), various styles (Decorative coatings), add or remove decorative elements of all kinds in the existing building. Furthermore, it relieves and shields the building from any cracks, humidifiers, etc.

Increase property value

The external Thermal Insulation upgrades the obligatory most energy identity of the building and its value. Based on the new KNACK, the energy identity of a building with an external thermal insulation system is rated higher than a building with traditional masonry insulation. Therefore, the building with an external Thermal Insulation acquires a higher selling or leasing value. Moreover, this is achieved by the aesthetic upgrade.

Environmental protection

In Greece, the operation of the building facilities as a whole is borne by the environment in carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 40%. Therefore, in the context of energy saving, the design and construction of non-energy-intensive buildings is not a fashion nor a luxury but a priority, since increased energy consumption and natural resources exhaust the Environmental burden. From the total energy consumption of a building, 60% concerns the heating and cooling needs to create and maintain a pleasant indoor environment. Therefore, by heating our building we do not only protect our wallet but we contribute significantly to saving the natural resources that are constantly decreasing and trying to m