The best colors combinations for your living room

The best colors combinations for your living room

The right color scheme can completely form a room, adding a sense of calm and serenity, or drama and intensity. The living room is usually the largest and busiest area of our house. That’s why it’s quite important to decorate it properly.

Coral and Mint

The soft color of mint is an ideal choice for the walls of a living room, as it will illuminate the space and give a spring mood. If you combine it with some coral touches and some aged furniture, you can add a retro look to your living room.

Blue and Green

Two seemingly unmatched colors, but under the right conditions can create a very beautiful space, full of vitality. Whether you choose soft, darker tones, paint the walls, or simply decorate with these colors, you will surely create a unique living room.

Orange and Turquoise

Orange and turquoise are one of my favorite combinations. Two explosive colors that if combined correctly the result is unique.

Bordeaux and Grey

Bordeaux can give a touch of elegance to your living room. You can combine it with either open shades of grey or more intense. In both cases the result will surprise you.

White and Blue

Paint or decorate your living room in blue and white tones, so you can have summer mood all year round