Solar Water Heater: Is it worth it?

What certificates should a solar water heater have to be considered reliable?

A solar water heater must have a declaration of compliance with the ELOT (CE) and a performance report test report by the DEMOKRITO.

What does the CE mark mean for each solar water heater?

It means that the manufacturer with a declaration of compliance with ELOT has been harmonized with the European safety standards for the operation of the electrical part of the appliance.

I do not have hot water with electricity, what is going on?

In this case, you must call an electrician to check the electrical cable from the water heater to the panel. If no damage is found, you should call our workshop for further testing.


Why is the solar panel low inefficiency and not working properly?

In this case, the causes may be as follows:
low level of the thermal carrier (antifreeze) in the device’s closed circuit. insufficient sunshine time with the solar heater inadequate sunshine (usually in the winter months) poor quality solar panels.

Is there any corrosion inside the bucket?

Yes, there is. A good solar bucket must have double anti-corrosion protection to avoid corrosion.

How long do I have to open the electricity to heat the bucket water?

More than an hour and depending on the bucket size.

What performance does the solar system have over cloudy days?

The solar water heater with selective collectors, even with 50% cloudy, gives us 30 – 40 ° C hot water.

Can I transfer the system if I change my home or need to buy a new one?

Uninstalling and transferring a solar system is particularly simple if you change your home. However, this work must be done by a specialist or our workshop.

Are there any other ways the solar heater can work apart from the sun and the current?

A solar water heater can also work in conjunction with the radiator.