Settlement of arbitrary n4495/17

The new settlement law of arbitrary 4495/2017 replaced the previous 4178/2013 and 4014/2011. The Law on settlement of arbitrary concerns exclusively to arbitrarily who have become pre-28.07.2011 for arbitrarily after 28.07.2011 the procedure is different and is done again by us but through the building Service (urban planning) with building permit Legalization.

The basic stages of regulation arbitrary with N. 4495/2017 are the following:

  • Study of property. Are counted urban offenses are always compared to the plans of  the building permit
  • The required fine is calculated in the electronic system of TEE which is common for all arbitrary of the country

The fine shall be calculated on the basis:

  • Of area
  • Of the zone value of the region
  • The age of construction
  • Whether it is according to the first planning
  • Special rates taking into account and reducing rates for social reasons (disabled, first house, unemployed, large families). In many cases (petty offences, old arbitrary) is given a definitive exemption from demolition (legalization) and not just suspension of fines of 30 years (settlement).