Renovasion Trends for the next decade


Many of us feel that our home no longer expresses us and we get tired when we spend many hours in it. This phenomenon is very common and frustrating as our home should be our favorite place to look when we want to rest and calm down.

Renovation is therefore the next step and the solution to our problem. A renovation will help us improve both our home and our psychology. In the renovation of the house there are many trends and items to choose the right one for our space and personality.

What are the trends in renovation for the next decade? Which of these will help you make your home more functional and secure:

Open Spaces

The trend of open spaces is not new, since it has been established for several years with the open space of living room and kitchen. But now, and especially after the pandemic, this trend is upgrading and creating houses with large open spaces that give a sense of freedom, something very important in big cities. The positives of single and open spaces are that they let natural light in and provide practical solutions for all family members.


Smart Technology

Utilizing technology can have many kinds of benefits in the home. It starts with comfort issues, such as the remote activation of the water heater, to have hot water as soon as you get home, but also reaches very important security issues, such as the installation of cameras controlled via Wi-Fi or turning off the stove , if they do not detect utensils on them.


Utilization of spaces

A major problem in big cities is the feeling that there is never enough space in the house. However, it is impressive how many spaces are left unexploited in the middle house and this can be immediately seen by an experienced eye. Thus, the renovation of a house should aim at utilizing all available spaces, corners and vertical dimensions, in order to give tenants greater ease of storage and many different activities in a single room.


Bright colors

The days when the predominant colors were gray and white in modern homes or beige and brown in the more classic ones are gone. The trend now in both kitchens and living rooms is the use of striking colors, such as orange, yellow and green, on the walls, furniture and accessories.


Environmental awareness

Homes that are environmentally friendly will be of particular concern to us in the coming years, as ecological interventions will become ever cheaper, while continuous subsidies will be given for eco-friendly home renovations. Solar panels, the use of wind energy even in cities and the use of smart technologies to prevent water wastage will be commonplace in a few years.