Renovation trends for 2021


Discover the trends in renovation for 2021 through the eyes of InHouse Group. New trends fascinate us and make us look forward to their implementation. In the New Year Trends you will see the predominant color blue, the designers’ concern for nature combined with modern spaces and new technologies. The trend of reviving old-fashioned styles will also be important.

See the suggestions and Trends that you can apply in your own spaces during the New Season.


1. Intense Presence of Blue

The dark blue and colors of the Navy indicate their strong presence in 2021 in Trends. As characterized by the interior designers for the New Season, Blue is the new Black and is ideal for creating elegant and modern spaces.


2. Old Fashion Style

The Millennials are tired of the same interiors, with black and white tones and modern lines. Instead, they seek refuge in the revival of traditional styles. Floral Prints, wicker and cane furniture and bold wallpapers return to the catwalk of interior renovation. This new trend is called Grandmillennial.


 3. Light Woods

Inspired by the Scandinavian style, interior designers came to add wood to the list of trends for 2021. The wooden element will be used as a modern material in the interiors, not only in the floors but also in the covering of the walls and ceilings. Light wood, without any treatment, will be the focus of the year and will be used extensively in multipurpose areas.


4. Sustainable modern design

Nowadays there is an urgent need to develop solutions to deal with plastic waste. Trends in interior design in 2021 will set a new era in the development of sustainable design of either furniture or fashion. New bioplastics and reusable materials with low to zero impact on the environment will be created. Designers dare to create pieces with new and unusual materials. The use of alternative materials will be an upcoming design trend in renovation and interior design.


5. Natural elements

The Physical Elements will have a strong presence indoors next season. This trend rewards the transfer of nature to our homes and personal spaces and is based on the need of modern man to strengthen his relationship with nature. In 2021 we will see natural and organic materials, intensely decorated to remind us of outdoor life, creating mixed interiors with nature.


6. Daily Luxuries

During Lockdown we realized that it is beneficial to invest in small but luxurious facilities for our home, as we were invited to spend several hours and days in our home. We have probably spent more time than ever in our homes and we need our personal space to make us feel comfortable and beautiful. Small luxurious details can be, a luxurious scented candle, new bedding, beautifully embroidered pillows or a luxurious scented hand soap. Invest in upgrading your personal space such as your bedroom, bathroom and terrace.


Our homes are our personal refuge and the place where our family lives and grows up. It is worth investing time and money to get to live in the house of our dreams.

With a reputation for quality, know-how, consistency, friendly and efficient service and above all beautiful renovations, we turn simple houses into those of your dreams. At InHouse Group we listen to your needs and together we design and implement the house of your dreams, following the trends of the time, intertwined with your own needs. Contact us for your own home!