Renovation Services

Renovation services

In InHouse Group We undertake all the technical work of renovation of residential and commercial premises. Whether for a partial or a total renovation, if the tasks are planned correctly, they can save you from labors and expenses. Our company has qualified professionals (architects, engineers, decorators, electricians, plumbers) and guarantees the completion of the work without stress.

Specifically we undertake:

Space preparation

  • Dismantling (wardrobes, tiles, floors, doors, benches, sanitary ware, windows, frames, electrical and plumbing installations, etc.)
  • Demolition (where necessary based on architectural design)
  • Removal of trunks in a special bin


Plumbing work

  • Replacement of old water and sewage piping
  • New facilities (washing machine, dishwasher, hot-cold water, flushing, washbasin, sink, pipettes, etc.)


Electrical works

  • New slots for sockets and switches
  • New reinforced power lines in the kitchen
  • New Power Table
  • New electrical installation in all areas for the installation of air conditioners
  • Placing a wired internet and telephone network in all areas
  • Wiring prediction for home cinema installation, Smart TV, SAT1, SAT2


Painting and Upholstery

  • Installation of floors (tiles, wooden floors, marble etc.)
  • Interior doors
  • Closets
  • Lighting Design and Installation
  • Insulation (roof insulation, floor insulation)
  • Frames
  • Security Doors
  • Alarms and security Systems


The stages of renovation

  • Design

We are able to undertake your work from beginning to end. Our staff consists of specialized civil engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians and decorators. After reaching an agreement, we design your space for free in 3D illustration.

  • Space preparation

Then we start with the preparation of the space. Depending on the condition of the house and the scale of the renovation (total – partial renovation), demolition and dismantling are the first stage of the work.

  • Renovation

Then we proceed to corrective coatings and repairs. Effectively deal with moisture where needed and remove aggregates. When renovating a home, be prepared for structural problems.

  • Decoration

The stage of work now belongs to the decorator, where in the renovation of a house his experience plays a decisive role. Depending on the size of the rooms as well as the lighting, it will give the corresponding suggestions.


Together we design the house of your dreams!

Complete renovation services


With a reputation for quality, know-how, consistency, friendly and efficient service and, above all, beautiful renovations, at InHouse Group we turn simple houses into those of your dreams.

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