Renovation Of The Summerhouse

Renovation Of The Summerhouse

The interest in buying a summerhouse in Greece is recovering.  The main stakeholders are from abroad (60% of the stakeholders in this category proceeds to a transaction) and from the inside.

Those who have summer cottages, every end of summer make their own calculations. The house near the Sea has its requirements. Electrical and plumbing installations definitely want a repair. The garden needs grooming, the cracked glazed need to change, the drilled screens repair as well as the worn walls, the broken barbed wire, the rusty railings. This budget definitely brings a headache. The question “Is it worth the cost?” emerges naturally!

The answer is simple: all investments require effort and money, as long as there is planning for recovery. Despite the unprecedented and long-lasting crisis that our country has been through, the construction of a new house costs today almost as much as it did before the crisis. That is why we see that new dwellings are rarely found in the country. Therefore, any investment interest will necessarily be directed to existing residences.


Winter or summer house;

The investment interest in the Greek summer cottage is real and ever-increasing. The prices are not impressive; they do not recoup the investment of the past. But there is a market and demand must be satisfied. Therefore, from September, the attempt to exploit, renovate our summer refuge should begin.

The picture for winter cottages is totally opposite. That’s where fashion seems to have passed or to say it all, it’s about very few. More than 10,000-holiday homes in winter destinations remain unsold. Several manufacturers who invested in the construction of luxury residences with a total cost of construction and purchase of land over 1,500 Euros per square meter are currently stranded since neither the sale under the cost shows It triggers demand. Perhaps the most distinctive image we saw this year in the meadow of Arachova. You all remember the construction ‘ amok ‘ of the past. Remember that maisonettes were built even almost in the lake. Dozens of integrated complexes remain today without a prospect of direct disposal.

Renovation Of The Summerhouse


Prices will not change dramatically this year


Now is a worth investing period for the renovation of summer country house. It is a smart move to do now what we will not have the time to do during the winter.

As always we have to start from the roof.

The winds, the hail, the rain, and the snow, affect and wear out the tiles and roofs. If we have not provided for thermal insulation or waterproofing, now, unfortunately, it is time to repair them or change them. It is necessary to protect our construction, our investment. Humidity is very common especially in houses near the sea. With proper insulation, we will be protected for many years.

External storage is always useful

At the summer cottage, we almost always invite a lot more people, apart from our family, friends, acquaintances, and associates. Overcrowding is inevitable. In an external warehouse, apart from the storage space for our various items, we can place laundry, water cooler, beers and meats, tools, garden accessories and much more, thus saving enough space in the house. A wood oven or pergola does not cost much but adds value and quality to our summer getaway. As of course the tents that protect and cool the house.

To be able to take advantage of the summer house, to rent it through an online platform or through acquaintances and friends you have to give it color and intrinsic value.

People who rent houses in the summer want memories, not comforts. They want the Internet, security, cleanliness, and functionality. Adding shelves for example in the kitchen is a small useful luxury. Use copper tubes for the brackets to give color

Armchairs and chairs can be renewed by changing the fabric, adding buttons, studs, patterns, or simply changing the legs. Cupboards, boxes, and all kinds of storage spaces are essential for an organized home. Buy boxes, baskets, drawers, renovate your closets to fit more things and organize the space so that the house seems bigger.

Small tasteful changes will cost a little but will add value.

You may not need to paint the whole house. Select the points in need of intervention and then add some details that will immediately give another breath to space. The door and the outside part of the house give the first impression to the prospective buyer or tenant. They must exude dignity and warmth.

Renovation Of The Summerhouse


The first question of course remains: is it worth the effort and the money to renovate the summer residence? The answer is certainly yes if you have patience and long term investment horizon

The figures show that from all Mediterranean countries the highest yields are offered by the country houses in Greece.

Summer residences are an investment tool that generates income. The ever increasing tourist traffic guarantees that the purchase of a second residence in Greece will have momentum triggered by foreign stakeholders. Therefore, it is essential that the services offered by your summer residence are those that need a guest who comes from another country and not an old classmate from the past.

Renovation Of The Summerhouse