Renovation Of Business Premises

At InHouse Group We are proud of the work we do in renovating business premises.

With a wide variety of products that you can see live in our stores, the completion of the project becomes a pleasant creation.

We support professionals and we recommend ideas that will improve the functionality of their space. We attach importance to detail and aesthetics to create comfortable environments that lead to improving employee performance.

First Step

The first step of the renovation is a meeting at your place, in order to record your needs and requirements.

The study and design of the site, from the simplest construction to a radical renovation, is the next and most important step.

We provide you with the best renovation proposal, at the most economical prices, and within a certain timetable.

The following is a detailed offer based on a study describing each renovation work of your shop or office. Our proposal is presented in 3D illustration with all the changes and together we end up in the final design that will harmonize perfectly with your aesthetics.


Then our workshop starts work. All stages of renovation are controlled by the respective experts such as engineers, architects, electricians, plumbers and decorators. Our goal is to complete the project in a short time so that your business space is in minimal time again.

The next stage is the dismantling of old material such as cupboards, doors, frames, electrical and plumbing installations, floors and cleaning of walls (tiles, upholstery etc.). In cases where the new architectural design provides openings, it is possible to depose loose materials (plasters, Interwall etc.).

Then the space is cleaned so that it is ready for the reception of new materials and facilities.


After this, it is coming to the touch of the decorator where thanks to our wide range of products, it covers every small detail of the space. From doorknobs, rails, fabrics to wallpapers and all other decorative elements, the options we offer are countless.

At InHouse Group We are proud of the work we do • Providing a variety of choices, high quality products and services, we create separate professional spaces for special people.