Renovation: Add value to your property

Renovation: Add value to your property

The exploitation of a house can be a fact of happiness or another source of headache. In order to have the desired profit there must be demand and to do so must meet certain conditions. To achieve this there are several ways to upgrade the value of your property. Here are some of the most effective ways:


Electrical installations

Electrical installation is one of the most fundamental components of a home and should work properly. Before proceeding with any kind of internal remodeling, you should make sure that the house is properly wired to the floor and walls. Modern households need reinforced sockets since the devices they use at the same time have increased. In addition, adding some extra sockets in the house will help as it will add ease and value.


Plumbing installations

As with electrical engineering, any hydraulic work should be done at the beginning of a renovation project. If your property has old piping then you should consider their total replacement. Plumbing can make the biggest damage to a house. In addition, there are many houses that maintain the old method of plumbing with external pipes. This does not only lack aesthetics but also functionality since it leaves unused surfaces.


Renovation: Add value to your property


 Kitchen Renovation

You can choose a total renovation or improvement of the image of your kitchen. Change the doors, the drawer knobs, the countertop, the tiles around the space or at a point as a decoration proposal. Renew the color of the walls and ceiling that has been damaged by water vapor. The attentive kitchen area is an important factor in the value of your property.


Improve the first impression

The majority of people who visit a property have already formed a strong opinion about whether they like it or not by the time they arrive at the front door. That is why it is so important to give potential buyers a good first impression, no matter how nice the interior is. You can do this by giving the façade of your property a new color, placing new windows and covering any cracks.


Renovation: Add value to your property


Tackling structural issues

If there are any structural defects in your property, then this could significantly hamper its value in the property market. Make sure you correct any leaks coming from the roof or from any moisture and if there is.


Replacement/repair of Windows

Windows play a huge role in the decision making the process for house buyers. A property is generally expected to have double glazed windows as it maintains the building insulated and protects against noise. For aesthetic reasons, it is very important that the windows are symmetrical, with clean frames and more modern materials (e.g. aluminum)


WC and Bath

The bathroom is one of the first rooms a person looks at in a house. An old or poor bathroom condition is enough to sabotage a sale or rental agreement. So if you want to increase the value of your home immediately, renovate the bathroom. Change the sink, flush, basin, bidet, tiles and pay attention to the bathroom accessories. Prefer simple lines for a sense of luxury.



A neat, lush garden can significantly change the image of the house and significantly increase the value of the property. You can improve the area of your garden trimming the bushes and trees, keeping the grass in good condition and adding new flowers and plants. If there is no garden in the property, you can create the feel of a garden on your balcony. Choose green plants and colored flower boxes for a beautiful effect.