New building Licenses

The building permit is necessary both for the construction of a new building and for the additions of constructions. In addition it is required for repair work, aid of existing buildings and change of use of a building or part thereof.

For the issuance of the building permit (building permit) some specific procedures, studies and documents are provided by law. This ensures that the work is carried out in accordance with the applicable qualitative and technical specifications.

The InHouse Group having completed the procedures for the issuance of a building permit several  times is able to undertake for you all the services required. Furthermore, we can then undertake all other planned services that follow the construction of the project.

The studies, which cover a wide range of construction, required for the building permit are:

  • Topographic chart
  • Architectural Design
  • Study of electrical installation
  • Heating study
  • Study of the waterworks system
  • Study of the sewer system
  • Air conditioning study
  • Study of the efficiency of energy of the building
  • Study of lifting systems
  • Gas Fuel study
  • Passive fire protection study
  • Active fire protection study
  • Time planning study

In some cases, depending on the specificity of the project, additional special studies are required for specific subjects, such as the study of Deep Foundation. Some pre-approvals and surveys, such as geotechnical research, are also required.

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