Lighting study

The lighting study refers to the study of a space and the emergence of it either natural or artificial light. Light and space are not two distinct meanings. Elements such as surfaces, volume and colors are qualities visible and perceived in their entirety only in the presence of light.

The lighting study is an integral part of the process of an architectural study. Through the presentation of lighting proposals, a detailed analysis of the technical-economic characteristics of the luminaries, you have complete control of the process. In addition, we present the final result in photorealistic imaging (3D)

The exploitation of natural light during the day ensures the existing environment of comfort and energy saving. The study of artificial lighting on the other hand is about creating a new image of space at night. We are aiming at the best possible energy savings with a comparative table of prices and consumption of luminaries and lamp types.

The aim of the lighting study is to create beautiful, functional and practically illuminated spaces. At InHouse Group We make sure to combine new technologies in lighting systems that consume less energy but meet the requirements perfectly.