Laminate Flooring: 7 main reasons to choose them

Laminate Flooring: 7 main reasons to choose them

Wondering if it’s a good idea to put Laminate flooring in your home?

It is an excellent choice, as Laminate floors offer you durability in time and an aesthetic and authentic result

What exactly are the Laminate floors?

The laminate floors are essential floors with a hard surface, which really looks like a wooden floor. More specifically, laminate floors are made from true wood that has been recycled in the form of high pressed chipboard (HDF). From the same material produced the Laminate floors produced our kitchen cabinets

Having already presented years in the field of construction and decoration, however, the original idea behind the Laminate floors was to be used as a less expensive substitute for wood

The Laminate floors were first constructed by the Swedish company Perstorp in 1977, and exported to the rest of Europe. The manufacture of Laminate material has evolved a lot from its original form. Today, the options for Laminate floors are numerous and you can find options that cover any kind of aesthetics

Below you will find the reasons that make laminate an excellent choice for the house.

Quality and durability

Laminate floors, and generally the Lammineit as a material, has evolved enormously from its original form, as mentioned above. More specifically, it has evolved a lot in terms of durability and duration in time. This is a very important element on the floors, especially if we are interested in laying laminate in places where there are children and pets. So the durability of the Lammineit is one of the characteristics that make it a very good choice for any space.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most positive of choosing a Laminate floor is the ease of maintenance of the particular material. Especially, compared to wooden floors, laminate floors do not want so much attention. When a man has a wooden floor in his space, he must be very careful not to drop any liquid and generally be careful not to cause any damage to the floor. On the other hand, Laminate floors do not need any special care nor worry about any stains

Looks like real wood

Laminate floors look so much like real wood floors without however having the aforementioned disadvantages, nor the cost of the wood floor. If you choose to make Laminate mounting, we guarantee that you yourself will be forgotten many times and you will think you have a wooden floor. In addition, it is a very good environmental solution since you can be sure that no tree has been cut for your floor.

Easy placement

Laminate floors are more easily placed than any other type of floor. Laying laminate flooring is easy because the plates are designed to be easily installed. In addition, we can make laying laminate over any surface, thus saving time and money by rubbing, glue, etc


The Laminate floors have an average of 1/4 of the cost of wooden floors (depending on the category of laminate and the type of wooden floor).

Variety of Uses

Laminate floors because they are placed floating can be put on top of any surface such as cement mortar, wood infrastructure, tiles or marble


Because there are no places to “hide” the dust and get trapped, this means that besides being cleaned very easily, it does not cause allergies to people with respiratory problems. In addition, the inner layer of the Lammineit provides moisture coverage so that the material from moisture is not destroyed and moisture that we breathe is not concentrated.