Interior Design

Interior design

Interior design (architecture design), concerns the study and construction inside the shell of a building.

We provide integrated design applications and internal studies, based on the requirements and needs of each customer.

Our personal space contributes to our happiness so it is necessary to fit perfectly to our needs. Our skilled staff treats each project individually and anthropocentric and will help you make the right decisions.

In the study of interior spaces we follow the planning stages to the implementation and final construction of the project.

Professional Space Study

The main goal of the renovation of a professional space is the result to have at the same time a positive effect on the psychology of those who work in the specific space.

At InHouse Group we consider it necessary to study a professional space before the renovation, in order to achieve its main purpose to the fullest. Our goal is to create an attractive and welcoming environment for your customers. A successful renovation will greatly help in the sales of your services or products. At the same time, a well-designed professional space can improve the efficiency, productivity and creativity of employees.

In what cases do you carry out the interior design study?

  • Study of the interior at an early stage of the construction of the building or at the completion of the works.
  • Complete renovation of an existing home or business premises (with possible change of use).
  • Partial renovation of an existing home or business premises.

We provide:

  • Floor plan of existing space and status (full picture of where the pillars, beams, pipes, drains, skylights, etc.) are located.
  • Presentation of the proposal in 3D illustration.
  • Implementation plans – Full construction drawings of all the work required.
  • Construction Site Organization – by specialized workshops and supervision of the work by engineers and architects.

Moreover, we offer you a proposal to buy furniture, lighting and other decorative elements to fit perfectly in the space.

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