InHouse Group: House Renovation

InHouse Group: House Renovation


Renovating a house can be a step in the unknown since the old houses are prone to a number of surprises and hidden costs. As with any building project, your first concern when a home is yours is where to start from. The production of a renovation plan is often more difficult than starting from scratch.


The renovation of your space is capable of being the source of happiness and tranquility in your everyday life. Through the right and planned renovation, the house can be made more functional, covering the modern needs and offering you an upgraded quality of life through a modern aesthetic.


In InHouse Group We make sure that the renovation of your home is not additional stress in your everyday life. We plan with emphasis on detail and adhere to the exact schedules we have set from the beginning of our agreement. We undertake the complete processing of the project, thus offering you the freedom to continue undisturbed in your everyday life.


Types of renovation

In a general context, there are two main types of renovation: partial and total.

The partial home renovation includes only a few rooms of the house or some pieces of it. Unlike, the total renovation is performed throughout the premises.


Partial House Renovation:

Usually, the partial house renovation is applied to homes that are relatively new in order to complete the aesthetics of the premises.

Total Home renovation: Total home renovation is usually done in old houses because it would be impossible to sell or dwell in their current condition.

Which rooms are best to be renovated?

The basic rooms that need, in most of the cases, renovation, are the bathroom and the kitchen. The renovation of these spaces will add value to the price of your property and will upgrade your daily life at home. The living room and bedrooms are the least utilitarian rooms in a house, therefore, good furnishing and decoration are capable of conferring a sense of new on the specific spaces.


On the contrary, the quality of the bathroom and the kitchen depends on the use of space and its equipment. A modern bathroom and a modern kitchen will surely upload the value of even a fairly old settlement.


How long will it take a house renovation?


To a large extent, the duration of a renovation depends on its size, which defines the number of tasks to be performed during it. The key to keep as short a renovation as possible and to have an aesthetically and technically qualitative result is coordination and planning. In InHouse Group We undertake the complete processing of the project. Our team consists of experienced and skilled technicians and professionals in the field. The professionals of our company faithfully follow the program of work, without making a discount of course, in the quality of constructions and materials.


Choosing a good and effective renovations company is the key to making all the tasks that a project can include in their time. In InHouse Group in addition to the original furniture offer, we cover all the above decorative furnishing elements of your home.

With fame for quality, know-how, consistency, friendly and efficient service and above all beautiful renovations, in InHouse Group we convert simply houses to those of your dreams.