Hotel Renovation

Ανακαίνιση Ξενοδοχείων

Hotel Renovation: The renovation of a hotel gives a new breath to the traffic of your accommodation, as it offers the guest an experience of renewal and modern comfort. At InHouse Group we carry out complete renovation projects. We have products that cover every detail. In our company you will find everything from knobs and furniture for special areas, to wallpapers, fabrics and decorations for large areas. Whether it is a total or partial renovation, we aim for perfect results that meet your requirements. We employ an experienced team of engineers, architects, decorators and therefore professionals so that we can complete your renovation without stress and delays.


Space Study

The process begins with the study of the space and the corresponding remodeling proposals. Through a three-dimensional representation of the space with the changes that we will propose to you, you can have a complete picture of the delivery project.

Then our workshop proceeds to the necessary demolition (where necessary based on the architectural plan) and dismantling. New floors, suspended ceilings, frames, electrical and plumbing installations, sanitary ware, tiles, doors, cabinets, etc. “Take” position. We keep the space clean so as not to disrupt the operation of your hotel, especially when partially renovated.


The setting is completed by the work of the decorator. By constantly studying the new trends, we are able to provide you with the most modern both aesthetically and functionally. Each space is studied independently and shaped through a process of careful observation, research and creative design. Rooms, receptions, restaurants, rooftop bars, outdoor areas and every part of your hotel is imaginatively transformed into an experience space. We take care of every detail so that your guests enjoy their stay to the fullest and you your reputation.

Trust Us!

At InHouse Group we deliver proud complete hotel renovations. We always aim for the perfect result based on functionality, high aesthetics, ergonomics and modern design. The hotel renovation packages we provide are complete in combination with highly competitive prices.