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kl dorko

After a lot of searching in renovation companies and I was an Architect Engineer, I chose the company in house to undertake the renovation of my apartment in Glyfada in a very difficult period due to the lock down. From the first meeting until the final delivery of the project, the professionalism of all of them won me over. Apostolis has built a “very strong and capable team”. I would like to especially thank Mario, my artist, for his invaluable help and his amazing collaboration in the selection of materials and design. He patiently answered all my phones and was always there to resolve any issues or problems that arose. But all the others, Stamatis, Elizabeth and in general all the children of the crews tried for the best possible result! I highly recommend them!

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After researching a market for the renovation of my house in N. Smyrni, I decided to work with inHouse. I chose it because the company has the ability to cover all needs without having to waste time. It provides many solutions for all tastes and depending on the requirements that everyone has.Our cooperation from the beginning to the end was perfect. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Mr. Apostolos for his professionalism in all stages of the work, Elizabeth for her unique presentation in 3D that made us dream from the beginning and finally the unrivaled Mario who with his ingenuity and innovative his ideas, brought the perfect result. We thank the In House team for everything, I wish you health, good jobs and to continue with the same professionalism and consistency that you have. WE WILL RECOMMEND YOU UNDERSTANDING BECAUSE YOU DESERVE IT.

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John Mentas

After many months of market research and after several offers we chose Inhouse Group for the renovation of our apartment. We were convinced by the experience that can be seen from the very first date and especially the clarity of what is said, of what is feasible, but also aesthetically preferable. The 3d illustrations that are designed, give you a good picture at the beginning of the project. The end result exceeded our expectations and we were definitely justified in our choice. Most importantly, the apartment was delivered on the agreed schedule. We especially thank Mario, mainly for his patience, planning, coordination and supervision of the project, but also for his valuable advice. We also thank Apostolos for the excellent cooperation and the adjustments to our requests, but also Elizabeth for the design and the constant communication.

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Tzeni Moraiti

A professional collaboration that was perfectly completed. An old and dilapidated trio in New Philadelphia was transformed into a highly impressive and modern home. Without big words and promises, from the first meeting we understood that we are in the right hands. The suggestions and suggestions of the experienced staff of collaborators, not only did not “squeeze” us but on the contrary they unblocked our thoughts and guided us to the right choices. We have already moved to an “unrecognizable” house that attracts admiration to anyone who has visited it. IN HOUSE GROUP thank you for all our common course. You unreservedly justified our initial choice with the above and we will recommend you to our friendly and kin environment.
We do not say goodbye but once again ….

Vivi Papanikolopoulou

Congratulations for the wonderful work from your company and specifically Mr. Apostolos Papadokotsolis, Mr. Mario Ioannou and Mrs. Elizabeth. We renovated our house in Nea Smyrni and the company in house, among all the offers we received, had the most sophisticated, modern, functional and beautiful ideas, which were realized literally in practice. The whole team showed great interest, will, they had a huge organization, without delays and with great success. We are absolutely happy with the result and highly recommend it. Thank you for everything.


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Antonis b.

I addressed the company IN HOUSE GROUP for the 2nd time in 4 years. This time it was a radical renovation of a studio in Kallithea, which included a change in the layout of the spaces.
After Apostolos’ first visit to the site and the discussion about the type of renovation, I immediately received the financial offer in which we agreed. We signed the contract and after selecting the materials from the rich exhibition that the company has, the work started immediately at the end of January, with a schedule of 50 days. The progress of the work was on schedule and sometimes ahead of schedule. The collaboration with Apostolos in the technical and financial part, Mario who was in charge of the design of the space, the selection of materials, assisted by Vivi, but also had the responsibility of coordination – supervision of workshops and problem solving, was Everything is perfect. The renovation was completed on time, the result was even, the final cost was what was initially agreed with some small changes but always after consultation. As I found out for the 2nd time the company IN HOUSE GROUP with its staff (executives and members of workshops), combining professional experience and quality construction materials, brought to an end an even and functional result in every respect.
A warm thank you to Apostolos, Mario and Vivi as well as to the craftsmen of their workshops.
I highly recommend them !!!

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Mr. Apostole Papadokotsoli, many congratulations to your excellent team for the amazing renovation of our house in N. Smyrni. Excellent interest and presentation by Mr. Mario Ioannou and very vivid 3D illustration by Elizabeth. The result, of course, far exceeded all expectations and justified us all !!!


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I would like to thank the inhousegroup team, as the collaboration we had was excellent. They managed to turn an old and small apartment of 1970 into a luxurious apartment with smart solutions, so that you can look and give the impression of an apartment much bigger than it is. I would like to thank Mr. Mario who is the man I have been in contact with all this time for everything that concerns me, he found solutions in EVERYTHING and undertook architecture / decoration with professionalism !! To thank, of course, Mr. Apostolos who found solutions in terms of the financial part and in everything that arose. Thank you very much, you made the house that even I could not imagine !!

Positive: Professionalism

Kwstas Fligkos

Many thanks to the in house company, Mr. Apostolos Papadokotsolis, Mario Ioannou and the kind Elizabeth for the consistency, responsibility, professionalism and good cooperation we had in the completion of the renovation of my house in Nea Smyrni. I highly recommend the company to everyone.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Maria Papagiannaki

Excellent professionals who took care of the renovation of our apartment as if it were their own. Many thanks to the soul of the company Mr. Apostolos for all his support and Mr. Mario for our excellent cooperation.

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value