Home Renovation

Home Renovation


Home Renovation: Renovating a home can be a step towards the unknown as old homes are prone to a number of surprises and hidden costs. As with any construction project, your first concern is where to start. Making a renovation plan is often more difficult than starting from scratch.

At InHouse Group we undertake the entire execution of the project. In this way we offer you the freedom to continue your daily life undisturbed. Through the wide range of products we have in our physical stores, you can see the products tangible. We provide a complete decorative study, design and work. Our fixed price contracts and strict schedules also ensure that there are no hidden additives or worrying omissions.



We are able to undertake your work from start to finish. Our staff consists of specialized civil engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians and decorators. After we reach an agreement, we design your space for free in 3D illustration. All changes are included in the design so you know the end result. This will allow you to see where and how natural light enters the house, which layout configurations work and which do not. At this stage we listen to your suggestions and remodel the design so that it fits perfectly to your wishes.


Space Preparation

Then we start with the preparation of the space. Depending on the condition of the house and the scale of the renovation (total – partial renovation), demolition and dismantling are the first stage of the work. At this point it is necessary to study the structural elements of the house by our workshop so as not to affect its statics. After the dismantling of cabinets, doors, plumbing – electrical installations, tiles and floors, we complete the first stage.



Then we proceed to corrective coatings and repairs. Effectively deal with moisture where needed and remove aggregates. When renovating a home, be prepared for structural problems. You must also remember that almost all structural problems are to some extent solvable. The following are the installations of new electrical and plumbing installations, frames, doors, floors, bathroom and kitchen furniture and bedroom cabinets.



The stage of work now belongs to the decorator, where in the renovation of a house his experience plays a decisive role. Depending on the size of the rooms as well as the lighting, it will give the corresponding suggestions. The colors, the furniture, the fabrics and the wallpapers perfectly complement the renewal of your space. At InHouse Group, in addition to the initial furniture offer, we also cover all the above decorative elements of your home furniture.

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Together we design the house of your dreams!

With a reputation for quality, know-how, consistency, friendly and efficient service and above all beautiful renovations, at InHouse Group we turn simple houses into those of your dreams.