Energy Efficiency Certificates

The Energy Performance Certificate (ΠΕΑ) is a recognized document issued by an energy inspector and captures the energy performance of the building. The ΠΕΑ ranks each building in an energy category while the Inspector records recommendations for improving its energy efficiency.

The issuing of an Energy performance certificate is required for:

  • For all buildings of basic uses (residence, permanent and holiday, offices, commercial uses, education, temporary residence, health, social welfare etc.)
  • For every sale-purchase of a single building
  • For sale-purchase of a building department
  • For rent (apartment, residence, business area, etc.)

The ΠΕΑ version is obligatory for the inclusion of residential buildings in the “energy saving at home” program.

InHouse Group has experienced engineers for the elaboration of all studies without any hassle. Additionally we undertake subsequent interventions in order to improve the energy performance of your building.