Decorative Design

Decorative (interior architecture) as we know it today, is the “soul” or the interior of architecture (interior design) and we classify it in the applied arts. The decoration is in essence, the shaping of the living environment of one or more people trying to serve as best as possible their needs through the rules of functionality and aesthetics that must always go hand in hand.

At InHouse Group, with our constant information on decoration trends and our flexibility in design, we find the solutions according to the aesthetics of each customer. Our goal is to create the ideal decorative study of the house (home decoration), the apartment or the professional space (office decoration, etc.) both aesthetically (internally & externally) and functionally with the ultimate goal of living beautiful with ergonomics.

The importance of Decoration

The decorative study of a space is designed to fully exploit the assets that a space has the ability to give. The services of InHouse Group can cover any space and requirement of study and construction (private or professional).

The realization of an extensive and qualitative decorative study ensures the functionality and the aesthetically desirable result.

The decorative study includes:

  • Proposal for an arrangement of an area of residence (living room with open plan kitchen, office space, children’s room, bedroom, bathroom etc.)
  • Or your business space (restaurants, offices, hotels, ships, cafe, dining areas, bars, etc.)
  • Plan of the construction site with the new proposed layout
  • 3D illustration of the design
  • Color proposal for the surfaces of the space
  • List of proposed furniture (furniture, lighting, and other decorative elements (fabrics and accessories)


As a result of this study we can create together the house of your dreams.

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