Certificate of Electrician

Certificate of electrician

The electrician certificate (PPC certificate) is a document that must be issued based on the existing law for each building. It is necessary to check if a property is electrically sound in order to guarantee the safety of those who operate in it.


The electrician certificate is issued after a visit of a licensed electrician who will record and measure with the necessary equipment the existing electrical installation (panel, sockets, supplies and uses) and will certify the reliable and good operation of the installation. If everything is in accordance with the current provisions, the electrician issues the responsible electrician statement and then the house can be electrified. In case during the evaluation it is found that there are shortcomings, e.g. damage to sockets, cables, lack of escape relay, improper panel, incomplete grounding etc. then the necessary work must be done so that the existing facilities comply with the regulations and only then can the electrician certificate be issued.

In which cases the issuance of the electrician certificate is required:

  • In changing the name of the PPC provider number, for example in case of a new lease.
  • In reconnection of electricity to PPC, in case of interrupted previous connection.
  • In case of construction site supply.
  • For the construction of each new electrical installation and before it is put into operation to determine whether the specifications of the ELOT HD 384 standard are met.
  • When a supply increase is requested.
  • On request for night electricity for the issuance of a social invoice.

The PPC certificate includes:

  • Responsible statement of a licensed electrician installer of PSO.
  • Electrical installation delivery report.
  • Electrical installation control protocol according to ELOT HD 384.
  • Electrical floor plans of the electrical installation and the electrical panel.
  • Monogrammed drawing of the electrical panel of the installation.

Duration of PPC certificate:

  • For homes, residential areas 14 years.
  • For indoor business 7 years.
  • For indoor business spaces with flammable materials 2 years.
  • Entertainment venues require the issuance of a responsible electrician installer (PSO) statement each..

The electricians of InHouse Group have the necessary specialization and the required licenses for the issuance of a complete PPC certificate.

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