Certificate of Electrician

The Certificate of Electrician  is a document that must be issued on the basis of the existing law for each building. It is necessary to check if a property is even electrical so as to guarantee the safety of those who operate in it.

In which cases it is necessary to issue the certificate of electrician:

  • To change the name of the ΔΕΗ  provider number, for example in the case of a new lease
  • To reconnect the power to ΔΕΗ, in case of dashed previous connection
  • In the case of a construction service
  • For the construction of each new electrical installation and before commissioning to determine whether the specifications of ΕΛΟΤ HD 384 are met
  • When an increase is requested
  • On a request for a night stream for the issuance of a social invoice

The ΔΕΗ certificate includes:

  • Solemn declaration of licensed Electrical Installer
  • Delivery Report of the electrical installation
  • Electrical Installation Control Protocol according to ΕΛΟΤ HD 384.
  • Electrical installation drawings of electrical installations and electrical panel
  • Mono-linear design of the electrical panel of the installation

Duration of ΔΕΗ Certificate:

    • For residences, residential spaces 14 years
    • For closed business premises 7 years.
    • For closed business areas with flammable materials 2 years.
    • For recreational areas, the issuing of a responsible electrician statement is required

The electricians of InHouse Group possess the necessary specialization and the required licenses for the issuance of an integrated PPC certificate.