3D photorealistic illustration of renovation

At InHouse Group We undertake the renovation of your space from the starting point to finish line.

We use the 3D photorealistic illustrations of your space, with all the changes so that you have a clear picture of the final result. The faithful representation of the materials in combination with the real sense of space and lighting helps us to arrive quickly and correctly in the materials that we will use in the renovation of the space.


We use the 3D imaging so that you have a complete picture of your space after the renovation and to avoid any changes during the work.

What does a 3D representation include?

  • 3d representation of the interior and exterior spaces
  • PhotoRealistic Imaging
  • Realistic representation of materials and designs of objects
  • The real sense of colors and lighting
  • Avoidance of cost increases due to changes that the customer desires during construction
  • Full exploitation and ergonomics of the site

Steps for a proper study and 3D photorealistic execution

  1. Diagram
  2. Study
  3. Final Floor Plan
  4. Electrical
  5. PhotoRealistic


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Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom is almost always an excellent investment, offering renewal in your space and value at home. When looking for a bathroom renovation for your home or business, you need to contact the experts.

When you start remodeling the bathroom think about the usefulness of the site as well as the design


Some Nice Ideas:


A bathroom is a place that is used very often and falls water. So the tiles you choose must have high durability and low water absorbency.

The tiles are not only a matter of taste and choice that gives style and impressive aesthetic result in a bathroom renovation. Equally important is their quality depending on where they will be placed. On the floor or on the wall?

White and beige colors are the most popular ideas for the bathroom, as they make the room look calmer and fresher.



The choice for the right lighting of the bathroom is important because a small and bright room may look bigger.

In general, it is worth to pay attention to the position in which you place the fixtures, the type of lamp, the color temperature of the lamp, the degree of color rendering (CRI) and of course the consumption.



When making any changes, think about where you can create storage spaces in the bathroom. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, be sure to look for toilet models with low flow.

Mirrors are just as important since they are an integral part of the bathroom.



Prefer a single washbasin for your cottage or if you are a bachelor. On the other hand, a double washbasin is an ideal choice if you are a family or have a large space in your main residence.

The sinks have various shapes (oval, round, square, etc.) and may have a built-in towel hanger.



In addition to the colors, there are other ideas for decorating the bathroom. One of these is the renewal of the room accessories, such as carpets, soap trays, and towels.


In InHouse Group picking through a wide variety of BRANDS and in 10 days, your new bathroom is ready.


We collaborate with design and bathroom installation experts that will meet your every need. With our rich experience and the transparency of our work, we will make the renovation a stress-less experience.


Our specialized workshop will start with the study of the space and its needs. Then we will create a 3D imaging model for you to see how the final result could look. Once you have reached the plan of your liking, the work of the bathroom renovation can begin.

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InHouse Group: House Renovation

InHouse Group: House Renovation


Renovating a house can be a step in the unknown since the old houses are prone to a number of surprises and hidden costs. As with any building project, your first concern when a home is yours is where to start from. The production of a renovation plan is often more difficult than starting from scratch.


The renovation of your space is capable of being the source of happiness and tranquility in your everyday life. Through the right and planned renovation, the house can be made more functional, covering the modern needs and offering you an upgraded quality of life through a modern aesthetic.


In InHouse Group We make sure that the renovation of your home is not additional stress in your everyday life. We plan with emphasis on detail and adhere to the exact schedules we have set from the beginning of our agreement. We undertake the complete processing of the project, thus offering you the freedom to continue undisturbed in your everyday life.


Types of renovation

In a general context, there are two main types of renovation: partial and total.

The partial home renovation includes only a few rooms of the house or some pieces of it. Unlike, the total renovation is performed throughout the premises.


Partial House Renovation:

Usually, the partial house renovation is applied to homes that are relatively new in order to complete the aesthetics of the premises.

Total Home renovation: Total home renovation is usually done in old houses because it would be impossible to sell or dwell in their current condition.

Which rooms are best to be renovated?

The basic rooms that need, in most of the cases, renovation, are the bathroom and the kitchen. The renovation of these spaces will add value to the price of your property and will upgrade your daily life at home. The living room and bedrooms are the least utilitarian rooms in a house, therefore, good furnishing and decoration are capable of conferring a sense of new on the specific spaces.


On the contrary, the quality of the bathroom and the kitchen depends on the use of space and its equipment. A modern bathroom and a modern kitchen will surely upload the value of even a fairly old settlement.


How long will it take a house renovation?


To a large extent, the duration of a renovation depends on its size, which defines the number of tasks to be performed during it. The key to keep as short a renovation as possible and to have an aesthetically and technically qualitative result is coordination and planning. In InHouse Group We undertake the complete processing of the project. Our team consists of experienced and skilled technicians and professionals in the field. The professionals of our company faithfully follow the program of work, without making a discount of course, in the quality of constructions and materials.


Choosing a good and effective renovations company is the key to making all the tasks that a project can include in their time. In InHouse Group in addition to the original furniture offer, we cover all the above decorative furnishing elements of your home.

With fame for quality, know-how, consistency, friendly and efficient service and above all beautiful renovations, in InHouse Group we convert simply houses to those of your dreams.

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Thermal Insulation: 6 reasons to invest

The Thermal Insulation in a building is made by placing thermal insulating plates on the outside of its vertical walls. Each building has different parameters that need to be taken into account for the implementation of successful Thermal Insulation. It is the alternative application of conventional insulation (double masonry insulation and concrete insulation)

It is an insulation and renovation solution for the old buildings providing spectacular thermal effects, saving of useful space, architectural freedom and durability. It ensures a 45-60% consumption reduction for heating or air conditioning as the indoor temperature is kept stable for a longer period. Eliminates thermal bridges (points where the thermal insulating material is interrupted) at the contact points of the beams and the wall panels


Read below the benefits of Thermal Insulation.

Energy saving

With the external Thermal Insulation, we reduce dramatically the heating and cooling costs (up to 50%) In new construction in relation to conventional insulation while energy saving can reach 100% in old construction. The masonry of the building “quietest” considerably from the external temperatures, resulting in a comfortable and pleasant environment inside the house.

Saving money

A properly insulated building protects you from excessive fuel and electrical invoices increases. The heating and cooling systems of the building work less time for the desired result and maintain it for longer (eliminating temperature losses). The cost of applying Thermal Insulation has been estimated to be depreciated in four to five years. There is also the possibility of applying the Thermal Insulation to the program “Saving at Home”, with significant exemptions in terms of cost of implementation (up to 70% subsidy).

Durability in time

The properly applied Thermal Insulation in combination with the selection of appropriate materials allows the owner to enjoy its advantages for many years without problems.

 Aesthetic upgrade of the building’s appearance

The external Thermal Insulation gives the owner or engineers the architectural freedom to choose the hue of his desire (without the need for painting), the particle analysis of the finished material (plaster etc), various styles (Decorative coatings), add or remove decorative elements of all kinds in the existing building. Furthermore, it relieves and shields the building from any cracks, humidifiers, etc.

Increase property value

The external Thermal Insulation upgrades the obligatory most energy identity of the building and its value. Based on the new KNACK, the energy identity of a building with an external thermal insulation system is rated higher than a building with traditional masonry insulation. Therefore, the building with an external Thermal Insulation acquires a higher selling or leasing value. Moreover, this is achieved by the aesthetic upgrade.

Environmental protection

In Greece, the operation of the building facilities as a whole is borne by the environment in carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 40%. Therefore, in the context of energy saving, the design and construction of non-energy-intensive buildings is not a fashion nor a luxury but a priority, since increased energy consumption and natural resources exhaust the Environmental burden. From the total energy consumption of a building, 60% concerns the heating and cooling needs to create and maintain a pleasant indoor environment. Therefore, by heating our building we do not only protect our wallet but we contribute significantly to saving the natural resources that are constantly decreasing and trying to m

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Laminate Flooring: 7 main reasons to choose them

Laminate Flooring: 7 main reasons to choose them

Wondering if it’s a good idea to put Laminate flooring in your home?

It is an excellent choice, as Laminate floors offer you durability in time and an aesthetic and authentic result

What exactly are the Laminate floors?

The laminate floors are essential floors with a hard surface, which really looks like a wooden floor. More specifically, laminate floors are made from true wood that has been recycled in the form of high pressed chipboard (HDF). From the same material produced the Laminate floors produced our kitchen cabinets

Having already presented years in the field of construction and decoration, however, the original idea behind the Laminate floors was to be used as a less expensive substitute for wood

The Laminate floors were first constructed by the Swedish company Perstorp in 1977, and exported to the rest of Europe. The manufacture of Laminate material has evolved a lot from its original form. Today, the options for Laminate floors are numerous and you can find options that cover any kind of aesthetics

Below you will find the reasons that make laminate an excellent choice for the house.

Quality and durability

Laminate floors, and generally the Lammineit as a material, has evolved enormously from its original form, as mentioned above. More specifically, it has evolved a lot in terms of durability and duration in time. This is a very important element on the floors, especially if we are interested in laying laminate in places where there are children and pets. So the durability of the Lammineit is one of the characteristics that make it a very good choice for any space.

Easy Maintenance

One of the most positive of choosing a Laminate floor is the ease of maintenance of the particular material. Especially, compared to wooden floors, laminate floors do not want so much attention. When a man has a wooden floor in his space, he must be very careful not to drop any liquid and generally be careful not to cause any damage to the floor. On the other hand, Laminate floors do not need any special care nor worry about any stains

Looks like real wood

Laminate floors look so much like real wood floors without however having the aforementioned disadvantages, nor the cost of the wood floor. If you choose to make Laminate mounting, we guarantee that you yourself will be forgotten many times and you will think you have a wooden floor. In addition, it is a very good environmental solution since you can be sure that no tree has been cut for your floor.

Easy placement

Laminate floors are more easily placed than any other type of floor. Laying laminate flooring is easy because the plates are designed to be easily installed. In addition, we can make laying laminate over any surface, thus saving time and money by rubbing, glue, etc


The Laminate floors have an average of 1/4 of the cost of wooden floors (depending on the category of laminate and the type of wooden floor).

Variety of Uses

Laminate floors because they are placed floating can be put on top of any surface such as cement mortar, wood infrastructure, tiles or marble


Because there are no places to “hide” the dust and get trapped, this means that besides being cleaned very easily, it does not cause allergies to people with respiratory problems. In addition, the inner layer of the Lammineit provides moisture coverage so that the material from moisture is not destroyed and moisture that we breathe is not concentrated.

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Where Should You Start First When Renovating a House?

Where Should You Start First When Renovating a House?

You’ve decided to renovate your house but don’t know where to begin. If you’re renovating so you can stay in your home for a longer period of time without systems breaking down, your approach is different than if you’re renovating to get a higher price when you eventually sell. Analyze your reasons, needs and how much money you have for the renovations before you put your plan into effect.

Assess Your House

Hire a licensed home inspector to check your house from top to bottom. He’ll climb into the attic to check for dampness, scour the basement looking for leaks, test the heating and air conditioning systems, examine the roof, the plumbing, and electrical panels. Evaluate the results before deciding on a plan of action.


If your heating and air conditioning unit are problematic, decide whether a full replacement or a temporary fix is in order, depending on your goals. Providing a comfortable environment is paramount to your enjoyment of your home. A faulty air conditioner promotes mold which is unhealthy for you and your family and is expensive to remediate.


If you’re going to upgrade your bathrooms, be sure your plumbing can tolerate increasing pressure and usage. Repairing leaky fixtures, damaged flooring and improper ventilation results in lower water bills. If they’re not repaired and you’re selling the house, the problems will be pointed out by the buyer’s inspector.


Homeowners are guided by energy efficiency. The importance of downsizing and using energy efficient appliances is reflected in the Energy Star ratings attached to appliances today. Renovating a kitchen with granite, stainless steel, new cabinetry, and flooring is the second most requested renovation project. A new kitchen increases your home’s value, and installing energy-efficient appliances attracts a buyer’s eye.


A home renovation project that includes installing new windows and doors leads to less cost in running the house. Double glazed windows and solid doors are an expensive renovation but yield benefits, both for the homeowner and a potential buyer.

Small Projects

While consumers like “new,” renovating with small projects are effective. Paint the house, inside and out, to give it a fresh feeling. Replace the flooring, using wood if you can, to add value. Re-landscape the front and back lawns for curb appeal. Install new bathroom and kitchen hardware if a total renovation is out of your budget.

Where Should You Start First When Renovating a House?

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5 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Large

Mirrors are especially useful when there is no, or minimal, natural light in a kitchen. They can help to open the space up and bounce light around. Use antique mirror tiles instead of traditional tile for a backsplash, or place an antique framed mirror above a stove. It’s better to look at than a plain wall.

The lighter the kitchen, the larger it can feel. Sometimes, if there is a good view out a window, You can focus on bringing the outdoors in and using nature to dictate the palette.” Keeping an especially light palette on countertops, backsplashes, walls, and millwork also helps a small kitchen feel more open.

Open shelves are extremely functional and make it so much easier to access dishes and glasses. You should think about your kitchen architecturally, as it doesn’t always make sense to have upper cabinets, especially if the ceilings are ten feet high.

The floor—an often overlooked area of a kitchen—is the perfect place for a high-impact design element. A patterned floor will give the illusion of a greater expanse to space. You can mix it up with either chevron or herringbone wood-floor patterns or even using hand-painted cement tile for a more bohemian feel.

You can never have enough lighting in a kitchen, good lighting, and plenty of it is incredibly important while cooking. Use flush or recessed fixtures, and don’t forget about under-cabinet lighting.


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