Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom is almost always an excellent investment, offering renewal in your space and value at home. When looking for a bathroom renovation for your home or business, you need to contact the experts.

When you start remodeling the bathroom think about the usefulness of the site as well as the design


Some Nice Ideas:


A bathroom is a place that is used very often and falls water. So the tiles you choose must have high durability and low water absorbency.

The tiles are not only a matter of taste and choice that gives style and impressive aesthetic result in a bathroom renovation. Equally important is their quality depending on where they will be placed. On the floor or on the wall?

White and beige colors are the most popular ideas for the bathroom, as they make the room look calmer and fresher.



The choice for the right lighting of the bathroom is important because a small and bright room may look bigger.

In general, it is worth to pay attention to the position in which you place the fixtures, the type of lamp, the color temperature of the lamp, the degree of color rendering (CRI) and of course the consumption.



When making any changes, think about where you can create storage spaces in the bathroom. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, be sure to look for toilet models with low flow.

Mirrors are just as important since they are an integral part of the bathroom.



Prefer a single washbasin for your cottage or if you are a bachelor. On the other hand, a double washbasin is an ideal choice if you are a family or have a large space in your main residence.

The sinks have various shapes (oval, round, square, etc.) and may have a built-in towel hanger.



In addition to the colors, there are other ideas for decorating the bathroom. One of these is the renewal of the room accessories, such as carpets, soap trays, and towels.


In InHouse Group picking through a wide variety of BRANDS and in 10 days, your new bathroom is ready.


We collaborate with design and bathroom installation experts that will meet your every need. With our rich experience and the transparency of our work, we will make the renovation a stress-less experience.


Our specialized workshop will start with the study of the space and its needs. Then we will create a 3D imaging model for you to see how the final result could look. Once you have reached the plan of your liking, the work of the bathroom renovation can begin.