Airbnb Renovation: The Gold Investment

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a website listing, finding, and renting accommodation. It is essentially an electronic platform, which brings the host to the customer while being responsible for handling the booking process. The transaction, during which the visitor pays the respective amount by credit or another card, is made through the platform. The host receives the amount only 24 hours after the arrival of the guest; so that it is certain that the latter has received the accommodation as agreed. AIRBNB offers a wide variety of accommodation (apartment, castle, Villa, etc.), commensurate with the size of the community of its users, promising unique travel experiences. The price range varies considerably, as is the location of the accommodation.


Airbnb is an easy way to financially exploit the user’s space by presenting it to a public of millions of users



But what do we mean by “Airbnb renovation”?

Airbnb is a short-term lease platform that has managed to create a new real estate market globally. It connects people who have free space with those looking for a place to stay. This platform, with its huge competition, has aroused the interest of the owners for partial or total renovation to stand out.


In Greece, where tourism is a lucrative market, more and more are those that end up in the choice of Airbnb versus contractual lease. The renovation of your property based on this is an investment move where the depreciation of the cost can be done very soon. A renovated space will not create problems of sudden faults and malfunctions as well as being modernized attracts more visitors.


InHouse Group and Airbnb renovation

The first stage in the renovation of AirBNB and any other renovation is the study of the space to and its needs. After examining the situation in which it is located, we discuss any changes you wish to and we consider necessary.

An integrated feasibility study with proposals towards and the timetable of work is initially formed.

Then we present for free the new image of the space through 3D imaging.

Now having a picture of the final plan, we can discuss changes and adjustments to get to the desired result.

The workshop t begins with the completion of all the preparation of the space (dismantling and electrical – plumbing). The new materials are then placed (tiles, sanitary ware, doors, frames, saw-switches, plumbing, etc.) and the decorator takes over.



Through the continuous study of modern design, we create spaces that stand out from competitors. The love for decoration moves us to create small works of art. In InHouse Group you will find packages offering furniture that will cover every need both economical and aesthetic.


At InHouse Group you will find the ideal partner for the renovation to investing in. We deliver the house ready for rent, offering the best result, in the time we agreed, without reckless wastage.

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