5 Summer decoration ideas that you will love!


Summer is the ideal time to renew your space. With a few small changes in colors and wallpapers you can turn your home into the cottage you have always wanted.

Below we suggest you modern decoration ideas that will impress your guests this summer!

1. Floral Prints

Floral patterns are the absolute trend of the season. If you are thinking of incorporating this modern touch into your space, summer is the perfect time. If you are adventurous, you can add a floral wallpaper to your home. Otherwise you can incorporate it more discreetly, maybe a floral bath curtain or floral decorative pillows.



2. Bronze Tones

The copper metallic finish can work in both vintage and industrial spaces and immediately adds a touch of glam. You can incorporate the copper color using candlesticks, tables and kitchen accessories.



3. Bright green

The green color exudes an air of freshness and renewal and can easily make your home look renovated and refreshed. Paint a wall or paint a piece of furniture in a bright cypress color and turn your space into a source of inspiration and beauty.



4. Mixed Prints
The trend of mix print has existed for years now but it is time to integrate it in your space. Use bright colors like red and orange and combine with striped shapes and bold black and white patterns.


5. Animal Print

Adopt the safari style by adding animal print details throughout the house. Just be sure to keep it quiet and simple because it is a wild design that can easily be overloaded. For example, you can use a nice animal print mat or decorative pillows.